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Goodbye to this byline...

I am very proud of how hard past and present editors and reporters including myself have worked to cover South County as best we could with a shrinking staff and as many if not more events and issues. Times change but my personal and professional commitment to continue countywide coverage (abounding alliteration) will persist.

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WLSB meets ranchers, vets about brucellosis in Pinedale

Area ranchers, brand inspectors and veterinarians attended the meeting with luncheon hosted by the Green River Valley Cattlemen’s Association, represented by president/ rancher/ brand inspector Mike Vickrey.

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Today and once more next Tuesday...

With moody grey clouds rolling over the sky and mountains, the weather was noticeably cooler than town. Good for hammering staples into the fence posts while K tightened and strung wire that not so long ago were drifted under. We worked our way up the hillside to a little ridge overlooking the vast green ocean below – even the sagebrush is green. K said he might have seen it greener but doesn’t remember a particular year, so 2023 will be the greenest year ever.

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He’s a winner!

The top-selling horse this year was the Selby family’s unique registered buckskin nicknamed Poncho, for $27,000. He came from the Rendezvous Ranch in Pinedale.

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Bondurant’s last branding in the Sublette Examiner

Personally, when I worked first and only for the Sublette Examiner, I never felt we could have too many western lifestyle photos for the archives.

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Cowboys and partners forever

It is bittersweet but fitting that when the Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame announced its Class of 2023 inductees, the list includes Dru and Tawny Roberts of Daniel.

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Sublette welcomes UW Extension’s new 4-H educator

Prior to joining UW Extension last month, Bevilacqua taught family and consumer sciences at De Pere High School in De Pere, Wisc. She served as an instructor for both career preparation courses and food science classes.

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RANCH Act reintroduced

“Livestock grazing plays a critical role in Wyoming to maintain rangeland health and supporting ranchers’ livelihoods,” said Barrasso. “The RANCH Act promotes robust rangeland for Wyoming’s livestock and creates healthy habitats for Wyoming’s wildlife. This bill will provide critical assistance to ranchers during natural disasters, so they can continue working. It also gives our ranching communities the certainty and stability they need by extending permits and preserving grazing rights.”

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Seed specialist training

“This is an excellent opportunity for Wyoming reclamation and restoration professionals to gain practical knowledge and learn proven practices associated with establishing native plant communities from seed, says Josh Oakleaf, AML project manager and vegetation coordinator for Wyoming DEQ. “Restoring native plant communities can be crucial for maintaining healthy ecosystems and promoting biodiversity.”

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WSGLT conserves Dunham Ranch easement

The Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust, in partnership with Miller Land Livestock Company, has conserved 2,004 acres of the Dunham Ranch near Big Piney through an agricultural conservation easement.

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Rangeland tools for landowners and land managers

The Sublette County Conservation District has several tools available for landowners and land managers to check out for use on natural resource projects within the county. The process is simple. There is a use agreement, waiver form and proof of insurance that need to be signed and provided for the use of any equipment the SCCD has to offer.

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Rammell's appeal could be derailed by procedure

Another delay slowed the lengthy judicial process of Wyoming veterinarian Rex F. Rammell’s appeal of his brand-inspection law convictions and his separate civil complaint that the state’s brand inspection law is unconstitutional.

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BTNF opens Dell Creek permit request for public input

The Forest Service is reviewing Wyoming Game and Fish Commission’s application submitted for a one-year special use permit to continue feeding elk at the Dell Creek Feedground this coming winter.

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New 'micro-farm' insurance option available from USDA

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is rolling out a new insurance option specifically for agricultural producers with small, organic and specialty farms who sell locally, for example at farmers’ markets.

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Planting for conservation in Sublette County

Fall is here and that means it’s time to think trees! Yep, you heard me right! Sublette County Conservation District (SCCD) would like to remind everyone of our Seedling Tree Program that will be launching Nov. 1, 2021.

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Dell Creek elk feedground permit expired, judge rules

Feeding tons of hay to wild elk wintering around the Dell Creek feedground in Bondurant – to keep them out of privately owned haystacks – might not happen this year due to a Sept. 21 court decision and an apparent Wyoming Game and Fish oversight.

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Drought leads to changes in hay transport

Citing widespread drought, low humidity and high temperatures as factors leading to a shortage of livestock feed in pastures and baled hay, Gov. Mark Gordon signed an emergency executive order Sept. 22 that is valid through Nov. 30.

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AGO enters Rex Rammel's brand-inspection appeal

Rock Springs veterinarian Rex F. Rammell again faces the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office, this time in his civil appeal of a judge’s order to allow a deputy’s brand-inspection report and citations as evidence against him.

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Beard introduced into Cowboy Hall

Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame.

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Will virtual fencing come to Sublette County?

Many summers of my youth were spent building and fixing fence; now still traversing fence and no longer young, I find myself musing on fencing in the past, present and future.

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Sommers Homestead Open House this weekend

There’s a big hoopla planned for Sunday, Sept. 5, at the Sommers Ranch Homestead Museum outside Pinedale on the Green River.

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MJ Ranch conserves 600 acres of habitat

On Wednesday, Aug. 11, Mark and Renee Jones partnered with the Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust to place a conservation easement on 600 acres of the MJ Ranch near Boulder.

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A mother, a daughter and a family of horses

When there’s only one thing a child wants very badly, and she can’t have it, year-after-year disappointments lead to early cynicism. Of course this child is a girl, and of course the one thing she wanted desperately more than anything else in the world was a horse.

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The best of Sublette Bred and Raised Market Beef

This year’s Sublette County Bred and Raised Market Beef contest was the largest in years with 61 fluffed and buffed steers and heifers born in the county and raised by dedicated 4-Hers.

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Always ready for the Sublette County Fair

One of the best parts about our Sublette County Fair is how well it targets and celebrates the longtime tradition of not only surviving – but also thriving – with ingenuity, resourcefulness, humor and a strong dash of neighborly cooperation and competition.

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'One Rock At A Time'

The Sublette County Conservation District, Natural Resources Conservation Service and Wyoming Game and Fish Department, in partnership with U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s Partners for Fish & Wildlife Program and The Nature Conservancy, Wyoming, are offering an opportunity right here in in Sublette County to learn how to use natural processes to heal erosion on rangelands.

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Traditions of ranching and family

Some of the floats created for this year’s Chuckwagon Days parade, always on July 4, reflect Sublette County’s traditions of treasuring families and lifestyles.

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Protecting the kings of the sagebrush landscape

Their springtime mating song-and-dance makes the greater sage-grouse rooster an icon of Wyoming.

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Book on Upper Green River makes history

The history book is available at local stores, the Museum of the Mountain Man and other Sublette County Historical Society locations.

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2021 Spring Expo is around the corner

The Sublette County Conservation District is excited to host its fourth Spring Expo on June 19 at the Sublette County Ice Arena!

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Maggie Miller - 2021 Ranch Woman of the Year

Green River Valley Cattlewomen/ Cowbelles

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Susan Hoffman - 2021 Lifetime Membership Award

Green River Valley Cattlewomen/ Cowbelles

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Glenn Millard - 2021 Friend of Agriculture

Green River Valley Cattlewomen/ Cowbelles.

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John J Chrisman - 2021 Lifetime Membership

Green River Valley Cattlemen's Association

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Federal policy could undermine state's cattle ID legislation

The policy may erode a recent victory by Wyoming’s ranching industry that earned them more autonomy over tracking their animals, and industry groups are watching developments closely.

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Ranchers honored for stewardship

Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon has proclaimed July 14 as Wyoming Environmental Stewardship Day. Gov. Gordon signed the proclamation on April 28 in Cheyenne.

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Secrets of the Sagebrush Sea

Did you know that the Sublette County Conservation District has partnered with Sublette BOCES to present Conservation Conversations again this year? Well, its true!

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Oh dear, oh deer – oh dear

I imagine, like me, most people who have hit a deer or antelope, elk or moose, tell themselves it will never happen again.

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Gardeners asked to take part in new "Give A Little Extra" project

Instead of reinventing the wheel, this collaboration utilizes existing resources to create a sustainable solution to hunger.

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Wyoming, R-CALF work against required RFID tags in court

Several weeks ago, the ongoing lawsuit against the USDA’s attempt to replace a final rule for traditional livestock identification with electronic eartags scored “an important win” outside the courtroom.

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BLM opens comment portion on wild horse gathers

Public input is valuable during any analysis.

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Changing of the guard at SCCD

The Sublette County Conservation District recently had our long-term employee Sno Ann Engler retire after 16 years of service to the conservation district and the citizens of Sublette County.

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Celebrate ranchers, farmers on National Ag Day

In today’s world, people are more connected to information than they have ever been before.

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G&F's Turnbull transferred to Sheridan

Turnbull worked in Sublette County for 15 years.

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Cowbelles, GRVCA 'social' set for May 22

A smaller but very cheerful group – some on Zoom – of the Green River Valley Cowbelles/Cattlewomen celebrated spring with its annual meeting on Saturday, March 6, at Marbleton Town Hall.

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Rammell's jury trial set for April 28

On Feb. 17, Dr. Rex F. Rammell’s pretrial videoconference went in two diverging directions.

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Ufford: Whiskey for my friends, tears for my horses

A midday phone call, not unusual in and of itself – but another sad one.

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G&F Commission to get elk feedground update

Public input to be considered at upcoming meeting.

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Local ranch family conserves more historic land

Longtime Bar Bar E ranching family conserves another 736 acres.

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